Referral Information

If you are in need of a referral, you will need to schedule an appointment with your provider in order for our office to process your request. Most specialists require the most up-to-date information regarding vitals and diagnosis from the patient's primary care provider. 

Referrals are sent out on a first come first serve basis. Unless the provider indicates a paricular referral is urgent, it will take approximately two weeks or more to complete the process. Remember there are many other patients being referred to the same specialists from other primary care offices like ours. Once processed, the specialist's office will contact you with an appointment.  If you miss your referral appointment it will be your responsibility to contact the specialist's office and reschedule.

If you have any questions regarding you or your child's referral, feel free to call us at (704) 864-0303 and ask for our referral coordinator. 

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