Services Offered at Our Office

Comprehensive Well Visits

  • Health education and counseling
  • Physical examinations
  • Hearing and vision screening
  • All routine childhood immunizations
  • EPSDT services (Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment)
  • Preschool and sports physicals
  • Referrals to specialists and specialties, as needed

Sick Visits

From strep to rashes, we offer a multitude of services and diagnoses to assist your child(ren) in recovering from whatever may be ailing them at the time. If the problem persists, following evaluation, we will recommend a specialist and refer you to them, per your insurance policy.

Contagious Diseases 

If your child has lice, or illnesses that are considered as easily transferrable, we ask you to please contact us prior to your visit and we will give you instructions on how your child will be seen. More than likely, you will be asked to remain in the car until a room opens, to which we will immediately escort you and your child into the room.

Immunization Visits

If you believe your child is not up-to-date with their immunizations, you are encouraged to contact the office to schedule a visit. However, please note, if the patient is not current with their yearly well exam, the visit will convert to a full exam.

Asthma Medication & Visits

There are three important steps in order for your child(ren) to receive medication for asthma.
  1. The first step is that your child must have been diagnosed with asthma by one of our providers. You must bring it up as a concern during a visit to allow for proper and medically required documentation.
  2. The second step is that your child has to be up to date with their yearly examination.
  3. The third step involves us creating or updating their Asthma Action Plan. Asthma Action Plans are updated on an annual basis or sooner, dependending on severity. Schools, day-care and summer camps will need a current Asthma Action Plan on file in order for your child to be allowed to receive/use asthma medication away from home.

ADD/ADHD Medication & Visits

Similar to Asthma, there are three essential steps for your child to receive medication for ADD/ADHD. Those are: Education, Evaluation, Medication.
  1. Education *If your child has already been taking ADD/ADHD medication, please move onto the Medication step. If not, continue reading below* For us to schedule an initial ADHD visit of a new or existing patient, we require that background forms are filled out by the parent(s) and the a teacher, where applicable, familiar with your child. 
  2. Evaluation Once your child has had their forms filled by the responsible parties, it is time for their follow-up visit. It is during this visit that the provider will go over any necessary information as well as the outcome from the questionnaires given. They will ensure that full consideration is given both concerning the possible side effects and requirements that must be met to continue being medicated. If all these obstacles are passed, then it only becomes a matter of choosing the correct medication for your child once the provider has diagnosed your child.
  3. Medication Your child is now able to receive medication. At this point, your provider has already been through the initial consideration process. During this visit, your child will receive their prescription for the ADD/ADHD. For the next two months, your child will not be required to come to the office to receive their prescription. After 90 days have passed since their last ADD/ADHD visit, they will be required to come in again for a follow-up visit before we can provide the prescription(s). If your child is not up-to-date with their annual routine examination, we will also not be able to provide the medication(s). Please note due to the controlled nature of these medications, we can only offer the prescriptions at the office.

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